SALSABEEL INDUSTRIES proudly possesses its own state-of-the-real Leather & Textile Garments. SALSABEEL INDUSTRIES is a name in the foreign leather industry, specializing in the production and export of leather & Textile Garments for the past 08 years. The Garments Units specializes in all kinds of leathers; Buffalo, Cow, Goat and Sheep skins. To ensure and maintain exceptional quality standards, SALSABEEL INDUSTRIES has well-trained and qualified staff. The unit is advantageously flexible, allowing for updates in fashion trends and the introduction of novel technology in order to compete in international markets. SALSABEEL INDUSTRIES imposes stringent regulations and quality standards in order to produce the finest goods.

Quality has always been our focus and, in order to meet international quality requirements.. The garments division supplies to leading brands in Germany, UK, Spain, France, Argentina and USA.